Introducing Version 4 of the Librem laptop line

Now with an updated CPU and graphics for all models and a 4k/HiDPI screen for the 15″ model.

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We believe people should have secure devices that protect them rather than exploit them.

To that purpose, we provide everything you need in a convenient hardware and software product.

We offer high-quality privacy, security, and freedom focused computers and software.

The Librem line from Purism Laptops & phones that protect the privacy of your family and the security of your business

Librem 5 The phone
Librem 13 The road warrior
Librem 15 The desktop replacement

The Librem are the first high-end laptops where you are in control and have complete visibility into the operating system, all bundled software, and the deeper levels of your computer.

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  • Purism’s Librem 5 Progress in Videos- The Purism team is making a remarkable progress to deliver the Librem 5 phone. Nothing shows the progress we have been making quite as clearly as a demonstration of the Librem 5 status from the devkit itself – so let us take you through a handful of (short) videos showcasing the current possibilities and development […]
  • Purism at SCaLE 2019 – Retrospective on Secure PureBoot- In March, Purism took part in the Southern California Linux Expo – SCaLE 2019. Once again, we were so busy we barely had the time to leave our booth: people were very interested in the Librem 5 devkit hardware, in the latest version of the Librem laptops and PureOS, on having the same apps for […]

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